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CCTV Systems Camera

A CCTV systems camera is the answer to your comprehensive security system be it at home or at any business today. With South Africa having some of the highest crime statistics in the world, unfortunately security is of utmost importance. A camera for CCTV is the perfect solution so that you or your security personnel can monitor your environment at all times without physically being at a specific location.

Security Warehouse was founded in 1997 and we have grown into one of the most successful South African importers and distributors of products for CCTV such as the CCTV systems camera, Access Control for businesses and Electronic security equipment. Besides first class infrastructure and wonderful staff members to support our position in the market place, Security Warehouse runs a very specialized in-house Testing Laboratory, as well as a very successful Training Academy.

Products for CCTV security solutions

With so many years of experience and the top technology available to us, we are confident to say that we offer the best quality security solutions in South Africa. For CCTV solutions, we offer a great variety of dependable products:

  • CCTV systems cameras – both analogue and IP (internet protocol)
  • Lenses
  • Monitors
  • Housing and brackets
  • Mobile DVR
  • Digital recorders and more...all to ensure that you have the most superior equipment for CCTV solutions in your home to protect you and your loved ones, or at the office to protect your human assets!

CCTV & Surveillance systems to meet every need

If you are looking to effectively boost security measures on your property, then one of the greatest approaches that you can take is with CCTV systems cameras, or closed circuit television cameras. CCTV for increased security is one of the best security tools since they feed all of the data to one central unit. This unit is essentially made up of a group of monitors that allows your security team to see all of the activity on your premises. Due to there being such a wide range of these speciality cameras available for purchase from Security Warehouse, you are guaranteed to find the perfect CCTV systems camera solution that is suitable for both personal and commercial use. With the simple presence alone of CCTV for security throughout your property grounds, crime rates are shown to drop considerably, which in itself helps these fantastic security systems pay for themselves.

Security Warehouse keeps a fantastic range of security products including CCTV & surveillance products and a full range of accessories for CCTV units, access control (such as scanner fingerprint technology) for improved security at the office and so much more.

Contact us now and find out “what are IP cameras”, what DVR is and any other security related question you might have. Our professionals are waiting for your call!